We are specialist in consultancy services and tailored and we give value to your competences.

We specialize in the processing of leather and synthetic. We practice the cutting, foldingand all workings involving hand weaving, engine, crochet iron. We specialize in the realizations of models, even customized on customer's request. We practice the carving of leather dials and their threading in various shape and size. We make bags constructions in required and personalized forms. We realize weaving on clothing both in iron and crochet, and we are also able to create them form your patterns.

we can also perform all types and sewing, manually constructed. We can do it all manifactures wich concern the leather and not only, for example leather's tile, leather bags, wicker baskets or in straw ballons exposure, various shape and size of tassels. Other details of out leather products we carry out are for example: bath accessories, braid for boats, railings, head bed's, carpets.